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The Results I Found Using Food Apps Overseas

While staying in Kenya, I took my mobile phone with me so I could search out local sites and food.

I used Zomato, Uber Eats and Swiggy food ordering apps to find out more about the local cuisine.

Here are some of the best foods I found, tried and quite enjoyed while travelling around Kenya.

The Best Local Food to Eat While In Kenya

Kenya is one of the country in East Africa known for its tourist attraction sites. To name but a few the sandy beaches and Masaai Mara tourists sites. It also comprise of various tribes that have different cultures.

The tribes have got different dishes of which are very delicious. The food is unique in a way it is prepared using native spices and local ingredients. You will discover the food has different flavor depending on the area you visit as it is prepared basing on the culture of the area.

As you plan to visit the country here are some of the local food to eat while in Kenya.


This is a staple food in Kenya and liked by almost all communities. It is made from corn flour that is added to already boiled water until it forms a thick block. It is accompanied by various stews which include: beef, chicken, fish, Sukuma wiki or even nyama choma (roasted meat).


It is a mixture of corn and beans. It is very delicious. It can be accompanied with vegetables which include Sukuma wiki, cabbage. It is normally complimented with spices such as salt and chillies.

Kienyeji Vegetables

These are green leafy vegetables that is a mixture of different leaves depending with the culture of the surrounding. It is prepared differently according to the ingredients that are found in the area and culture of the community. They include managu, saga, terere and many more. The names may be different as the communities name them according to their tribes.


This is mainly green bananas that are cooked until they become soft and form thick paste. It can be mixed with beef stock and form a stew that can be accompanied with rice or even chapati. The meal is very delicious.


It is a kind of food that is prepared by mashing potatoes, maize, pumpkin leaves or spinach, peas or beans. It is served with any stew of preference which can be beef, chicken or even fish.


It is prepared using rice and meat. Rice is cooked to almost ready then other ingredients such as chillies, fried onions, yoghurt are added. Then at this point add meat of your choice and cook until the meat is done. It can be served with stew of your choice or vegetables.


This is a type of food that is prepared along the streets in Kenya. It is delicious and very easy to prepare. Mostly it is made from cooked blood and pieces of meat that are stuffed either in small intestines or large intestines from cows and then roasted. It is mostly accompanied with kachumbari which is made from fresh tomatoes, onions, coriander leaves then a little lemon juice to spice it and salt.  

While in Kenya try these food as they are delicious and healthy too. They are found locally and you will be able to eat the local food from different ethnic communities.