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Best Tablet App For English Translation

Taking my tablet to Kenya was the best decision I ever made. Not only was I using it to monitor my construction time lapse specialists camera, but I downloaded an app called Swahili English translator.

While getting to talk and try all the local street foods, this app made my life easy, not only could I gain some in depth history about the local Kenyan Coast, but learnt what the hell I was eating from the local stalls.

Amazon had this app available for purchase and download, and no matter which country you visit, they seem to have an app translator for many languages you may encounter in your travels.

See what you can learn while using a translator app, here is what I learnt from being able to communicate better with the locals.

Eat Like A True Local: Best Swahili Snacks in Kenya

Kenyan coast is mostly occupied by Swahili people who really value their culture including food they prepare like snacks. As most tourists like the area the snacks are of different flavors which are very sweet.

The snacks are derived from Swahili cultures and traditions though spices are added that were brought in by Arabs, Europeans and Indian communities that used to occupy the place once in history.

Here are some of the local snacks that are mostly found at the Kenyan coast prepared as per the cultures and traditions of Swahili.


Women from Mombasa are known to be the perfect ladies in making samosa well. Dough is used to make the triangular shaped pockets that are finally stuffed with either minced meat or vegetables. They can also be spiced up with chilly or pepper.

They are then deep fried and they are ready to be taken with Kenyan tea. They can be taken at any time of the day. Really they are very delicious.


This is a deep fried bread which is similar to a donut only that it is slightly different in that cardamom and coconut milk is added to it. The spices give it a local taste and can also be accompanied with a cup of tea.


This is a type of snack that is really liked at the Kenyan coast as it is easy to prepare. It is made from potatoes that are sliced in to thin layers then dipped in a paste made from baking flour.

The paste normally contain spices such as garlic paste, chopped coriander leaves, chilly and salt to give it taste. The sliced potatoes are dipped in the paste to coat it then finally deep fried.

It is normally taken in accompaniment with kachumbari which is made from freshly cut onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, pepper then lemon juice mixed together and a little pinch of salt.

Ugali Fries

It is mainly made from corn flour. They are very delicious snacks to have on their on. The flour is mixed with water to form a thick paste. The paste then has sugar added to give it flavor.

The paste is then shaped to small round balls then finally deep fried and they are ready to be eaten.

Nuts(Njugu Paka)

These nuts are mainly rich in proteins. They are mainly prepared from ground nuts and spiced up with a pinch of salt.

It is prepared by putting the nuts on a pan then placed on source of heat which medium and keep on turning the nuts until they become crunchy. They are then removed from source of heat and made to cool.

After cooling the outer covering will be removed and finally mixed with chilly paste and deep fried and they will be ready to be eaten.

If planning to visit Kenyan coast these are among the many snacks prepared by the Swahili people according to their culture. You will enjoy during your visit as they are found nearly in all restaurants along the coast.